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Pretoria on MyPR:

Here at we are all about getting the maximum exposure that we can for your or your client’s press release.

As a consequence we have a constant fight with the money bag people who want to ‘steal’ more and more of the space available to our valuable PR Companies who make extensive us of MyPR.

AND….. we are happy to say that in our fight for more Real Estate to showcase your content we can report the following results:

Design Team: 10 and Money Bags: 0

We have succeeded in removing bags (get it?) of clutter from the stuff and more stuff that used to surround the articles that you submit to MyPR AND succeeded in making it more attractive to publishers wanting to use our RSS Feeds for the various category and tag feeds available to those who want to grab your press release content in the fastest way possible.

Nice too for publishers is the pagination introduced – this gives a cleaner look to the RSS feeds whilst still preserving accreditation.

Give it a bash and submit your press release NOW.

Our niche partners sites will now pick up all articles tagged with South Africa, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria – whilst other publishers can find out here how to put the power of MyPR to work on their sites. Ask me how I set up certain sites to automatically grab relevant content from MyPR – ask me too how I set up certain sites to grab content from MyPR and then save it as a draft to edit and publish later. Seriously saving heaps of time and money.

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