Woodhill, Pretoria, South Africa

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Driving around Woodhill, Pretoria, South Africa. We stayed at the Woodpecker Inn for a few weeks while searching for an apartment.

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  • Ifa Maanda

    i used to live there but not anymore?

  • Jeff Morse

    Looks like an upscale neighborhood in Southern California.?

  • immortalpixie5

    @sprokiejd do you actually live there? close by? Or are your facts based on

  • Nicole P

    My cousins live there 🙂 miss it

  • Agnes Norris

    No problem!

  • ratrodz49

    If you’re not Native American then please leave America… Apply your
    thinking to yourself, you racist/bigot.

  • Calsefire

    Thanks for the vid!

  • ratrodz49

    Looks like America 🙂

  • cancercell2000

    my aunt still living there.

  • EsotericDesi

    fuck… this is better looking place than even 99.999% of the western
    world… :- Looks like entire S. Africa’s GDP is squandered on one

  • Felix Kuku

    Woodhill estate in Pretoria East in an exclusive Golf Estate where the rich
    and politicians call home.

  • legomaster536

    We are marching to pretoria

  • Darrell Hines

    And, what about the precious resources that those non South African
    companies get?

  • legomaster536

    Because why not?

  • coolfunboi

    That neighbourhood is gorgeous. It reminds me of Bel Air, California.
    Thanks for uploading the video.

  • Agnes Norris

    Why are you marching to Pretoria?

  • immortalpixie5

    @Wonder021 also don’t forget to add all the NON SOUTH AFRICANS whose
    companies pay their rent 😉

  • jec lacr

    except the cars are nicer over here

  • Holland1994D

    mooie buurt

  • Richard Williams

    Such a beautiful part of Pretoria . I have a facebook friend that lives in
    Pretoria , South Africa .

  • Justin Tapper

    looks like florida

  • jec lacr

    it looks like america to me

  • Sprokie van Gistraand

    apernetly the crime in woodhill, sa is out of control..