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Why Vlok is still apologising: This call is to result in a heart-to-heart interview with the amazing old man river of the boys (and girls) in blue, Adriaan Vlok, in the Blikkantien Restaurant, on the premises of the majestic Voortrekker Monument, south of Pretoria. Before the … – Read more on Independent Online

I'm glad I visited the Voortrekker Monument: “Well, this is what is at the heart of European and African conflict in our society today,” says the guide, Thuli K, who is in charge of a historical tour. We are at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. Richard P and I have undertaken this strange … – Read more on Thought Leader

Back to the future: Afrikaners unveil R3.5-billion plan to secure future autonomy: Welcoming delegates and guests to the conference at the Heartfelt Arena opposite the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Saturday, Solidarity chief executive Dirk Hermann reminded those gathered that there was another summit happening in South Africa … – Read more on Daily Maverick

Scores to visit historic landmark: Pretoria – Thousands of people are expected to descend on the Voortrekker Monument on Tuesday for the annual remembrance of the former day of the vow. December 16 has since been renamed Reconciliation Day, but for those who still hold dear the … – Read more on Independent Online

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Image by andre.vr
Pano of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The 40x40x40 meter granite structure, built to honour the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony in their thousands between 1835 and 1854, was designed by the architect Gerard Moerdijk.

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