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Pretoria is our nation’s capital and a young design-savvy crew called The Fashion Rebels reckon their city can be a capital of style too. So they started The Social Market, which may well see the next big trend coming out of Tshwane.

Pretoria-based fashion crew The Fashion Rebels are a post-street style unit brought together by their love for OTT customised thrift wear. Founded by Maitele Wawe and Thifhelimbilu Mudau in 2012, the duo soon became a trio with the addition of Sizophila Dlezi.

Sick of having to travel to Joburg to be part of the scene, the Fashion Rebels decided to bring the scene to them, by starting The Social Market. On the first Sunday of the month, fashionistas flock from near and far to be seen and flaunt their style at what’s quickly become Pretoria’s most fashionable social event.

It has since brought together a vastly diverse group of youth, using mainly social media and word-of-mouth advertising to market themselves and grow their numbers every month.

But fashion is what we went there for, as the Rebels kitted Chris out with an outfit that shows off true Fashion Rebel style.

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