Thabo Mbeki celebrates 120 years of the ADWA victory

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Former President Thabo Mbeki was the keynote speaker at a session to celebrate 120 years of the battle of ADWA. This session was part of the Africa Unity for Renaissance Conference & Africa Day Expo on 25 May 2016.

The session took place at Ditsong Museum of South Africa in Tshwane.

He will addressed the session on “The 120 Years of the Adwa African Victory.” Led by Empress Taitu, the wife of Emperor Menelik II, and the Emperor’s generals, the patriotic Ethiopian army defeated the Italian colonial forces at Adwa, Ethiopia on 1 March 1896 and thus secured Ethiopia’s independence from colonial rule.

The victory at Adwa would later serve as an inspiration in the struggle against colonial rule to subsequent generations of Ethiopians and other Africans throughout the Continent.

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  • Andrew Mboweni


  • Andrew Mboweni


  • Jimbob Jones

    Part of our shared history (South Africa and Ethiopia) is that South African troops liberated Addis Ababa in 1941, which also led to the abolishing of slavery in Ethiopia in August 1942. – the history books don't tell you this!

  • Thabang Manyana

    All whites languages and Arabic languages in Afrika are colonialists languages.

  • Dawit Teshome

    Adwa the victory of Africa

  • Dawit Teshome

    Adwa the victory of Africa

  • Moses Black

    Great.the topography and the plan that the Italians must be trapped in the river belt.was key to success.

  • ?? girma

    m proudly Ethiopian

  • Ras Mike

    when I told this mexican dude I was from ethiopia…he was like word!..yall kicked white ppl ass!!

  • Il Camerata

    Come mai nessuno si ricorda il 6 ottobre 1935 ??

  • henok-micrometre micrometre

    Mbek is a legend too, he fought against apartheid Respect

  • Heri mallya

    if Africa had 10 Thabo Mbekis we would have been far.thank you ZiZi

  • reuben kholisile

    my man. . .

  • Ndaizivei Scholastica Paul

    I find this most enlightening. It might be a good idea to form some organisation to raise money to buy books that inform and liberate and inform African minds in such a way that what ever our differences our goal, for self determination for African Nations as well as dignity and respect for all people of African descend globally, remains the same.

  • Somelezo Matolengwe

    This is so Intense. Thinking of studying African history now.

  • Zenebe Tsega

    Thank You Mr Mbeki. You have well address the topic

  • Ethio – Resistor (Join our Community on g+)

    Keep it up! Free Africa for Afrikans!

  • Shanko12

    Adwa victory is black victory, and it is not only Ethiopians history is African history.
    Thank you Mr. Mbeki

  • Jhan hoy


  • Kobe A.

    Thabo Mbeki a class act!! You need to teach and mold the current African dictators!!