State Theatre of Ithaca

A selected video for you: The State Theatre is an historic site in the city of Ithaca, New York. It holds many stories, secret passage ways, and immense beauty. The Theatre has been a major part of the community, hosting famous artists, local performance companies, and showing old movies. This short film reveals some information about the State Theatre that would be otherwise unknown. CLICK HERE to submit your favourite Pretoria videos. Visit the MyPE … [Read more...]

Pretoria Image: State Theater – Ithaca, NY

This #State Theatre tagged image is courtesy of Flickr. Click on the Flickr account holder below the photograph to see more. Image by Stef Noble Luckily, this old sign is still being used as the State Theater in Ithaca is rehabilitated. More Pretoria Images This State Theatre image was automatically curated and published with WP Robot plugin - CLICK HERE to learn more about WP Robot for Wordpress - a massive time and money saver. Read, Republish and Submit Press Releases to MyPR. … [Read more...]