Steve Biko Hospital conducts world’s first ever middle ear transplant

Steve Biko Hospital conducts world's first ever middle ear transplant: The Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria has successfully completed the world's first ever middle ear transplant that has allowed a 35-year-old man to be able to hear again.. Articles relating to Places | pretoria Bulls to cut more than 100 contracts: The Bulls’ contracting model of trying to buy up the best junior talent in the country is dead in the water and the Pretoria-based union may have to offload up to 100 … [Read more...]

Pretoria Image: And If Ever

This #Union Buildings tagged image is courtesy of Flickr. Click on the Flickr account holder below the photograph to see more. Image by Thomas Hawk More Pretoria Images This Union Buildings image was automatically curated and published with WP Robot plugin - CLICK HERE to learn more about WP Robot for Wordpress - a massive time and money saver. Read, Republish and Submit Press Releases to MyPR. … [Read more...]

Create mobile car art at the biggest collaborative public art events ever seen

Pretoria on MyPR: Colour in AutoTrader’s new fleet of cars to raise funds for charity and #DriveChange AutoTrader invites you to colour in their new fleet of corporate cars. Help create contemporary mobile art by colouring in between the lines drawn on by artists such as Lazi Mathebula (aka Greiispaces). AutoTrader’s #DriveChange campaign will raise funds to buy a container of bicycles for Qhubeka, the global non-profit organisation World Bicycle Relief’s programme in South Africa. “We will be … [Read more...]