Pretoria Image: A Duck Awaits Its Doom

This #Blue Bulls tagged image is courtesy of Flickr. Click on the Flickr account holder below the photograph to see more. Image by Wootang01 The bus ride from Shenzhen to Enping was long, like watching a freight train chug by, except it doesn't. We had to have been on that bus for seven hours, sometimes napping, and at times, staring out our windows, looking at a world standing still. Traffic was not only a nightmare, but also a mystery, for as many instances in which we could plainly see … [Read more...]

The Prophet of Doom and other preachers who prey

2016 saw a surge of prophets and preachers presenting unconventional - and sometimes dangerous - methods. Full Article here: Ntando Makhubu IOL section Feed for Gauteng … [Read more...]