Pretoria Image: Buchwaldoboletus-lignicola_2

This #Blue Bulls tagged image is courtesy of Flickr. Click on the Flickr account holder below the photograph to see more. Image by amadej2008 Buchwaldoboletus lignicola (Kallenb.) Pilát, syn.: Boletus lignicola Kallenb., Gyrodon lignicola (Kallenb.) Heinem., Phlebopus lignicola (Kallenb.) Moser, Pulveroboletus lignicola (Kallenb.) Dick & Snell, Xerocomus lignicola (Kallenb.) Singer. Wood Bolete, DE: Gelber Holz-Röhrling, Gelber Holzröhrling, Nadelholzröhrling, Rostbrauner Goldröhrling, … [Read more...]