South African Steam: 15CA 2850 around Pretoria

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The 15CA’s were an awesome loco. A gutsy 4-8-2 with classic lines and an unforgettable exhaust soundtrack! In the mid 1990’s, there were still a few 15CA’s left running – a number were employed daily at Rustenburg Platinum Mines for haulage work, along with a couple of 15CB’s – but the best CA was Capital Park’s 2850, which was usually turned out in supershine condition. Froiends of the rail operated 2850 on a number of trips around Pretoria in this period, until her boiler certificate expired in January 1995. A few of these trips are documented here. Friends of the Rail are working towards returning 2850 to steam, where she will be the sole operating member of this magnificent class of locomotive.

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