Soulive – Tuesday Night Squad Part 1 – State Theatre Portland ME

A selected video for you:

Soulive Live at The State Theatre, Portland Maine 3/19/11
Check out Part 2 here:

*Special Guest – Karl Denson
Audio Recorded & Mixed by
Satronen Sound
Filmed and Edited by Richard Pelletier, Real Media Solutions

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    Soulive… what can you say about them ? Nothing they just killing it !

    The fake applause is really annoying……..

  • Funkimatter


  • Anderson Skate

    taporra kkkkkk

  • Felipe Silva

    the keys solo was BANANAS! ….damn!

  • Perry Bromwell

    Keybro plays like 2 sets of hands^^

  • Root Down

    super inspiring stuff!

  • Sluby Antonius

    bass line and solo at the same time as key player woooow, damn..

  • Pablo Landeros

    the best groove band!!

  • 2Fab 4U

    +Lucas Willeford the guy playing the keyboard is bass. I know it seems impossible but my dad plays guitar and can make it sound like an Organ. Just get the right tools and stuff and you can do anything with any instrument

  • Ben Margolis

    Some serious Trane stuff going on there

  • Oyster Smiling

    Nobody shreds like Denson!

  • Aris Susianto

    The keyboard player hates bass players… 🙂 just joking.. great band.

  • Ian McLaughlin

    One of the top bands i've ever seen live. hands down they can jam circles around most.

  • Alex Gordeev

    lol. Nigel and Neal on the interchanging organ. Woooo!

  • Theo Enzing

    Isn't the recording of this show available somewhere?
    Love these guys!

  • Graham Russ

    son of a dolphin I love this band – can't wait til they hit the UK again…..

  • DJ Rakk

    One of the Baddest bans in the land.

  • EnsulynGamer

    Never fails to get the hairs on the back of your neck up. So gifted…

  • earsneyes43

    The bass part is played on the organ, left hand style.

  • lookylook1

    This is my favorite song! I try to listen to this every Tuesday night. haha Those saxophone players are awesome!