PROINSO partners with OMRON to launch TURNSOLE, the fully-integrated single axis solar tracking system

Pretoria on MyPR: PROINSO partners with OMRON to launch TURNSOLE, the fully-integrated single axis solar tracking system:

TURNSOLE Powered by Omron

TURNSOLE Powered by Omron – horizontal single axis solar tracking system Photo: PROINSO

Cape Town, SA (September 26, 2017): PROINSO, the leading global distributor, integrator and technology company in the solar market, has partnered with the Japanese conglomerate OMRON to develop a fully integrated solar tracking system. Leveraging significant combined experience in tracker development and power electronics, TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON ensures an optimised performance focused on longevity and reliability.

As the solar tracker market has matured over the past decade there is a growing demand for fully integrated tracking solutions. Leveraging over 10 years of tracker experience and over 2.7 GW of PV footprint, TURNSOLE has been developed in strategic partnership. OMRON (TSE: OMRON Corp) the Japanese conglomerate is the world leader in power electronics and #1 PV inverter manufacturer in Japan. OMRON’s expertise in power electronics was utilised in synergy for development of the state-of-art control system.

“Solar trackers have demonstrated a strong technological advancement in the recent years, with power electronic playing an ever increasing role. We are excited about strengthening our position in the global PV market with this new product and look forward to the next steps of our long-term strategic partnership with PROINSO.”, noted Akira Enami, Deputy General Manager at OMRON.

TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON, is fully integrated, using world-class solar PV components (modules, inverters, BOS) with horizontal single axis solar tracker at its core. TURNSOLE offers up to 25% increase in energy production (compared to fixed structure installations), while reducing installation and maintenance costs. With PROINSO’s Qualified Installer Network offered to customers as an added-value service, TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON is the ultimate plug-and-play tracking system.

“PROINSO recognised the benefits of setting up manufacturing operations in India and two-years ago relocated its structures manufacturing in line with PM Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” plan. The tracker market is expected to exceed USD 7 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of over 17%, so there is a tremendous opportunity in this market segment. We are confident that our unrivalled global distribution and Qualified Installer Network coupled with strategic partnerships will help us reach a primary position in this PV market segment by 2020.”, said Kunal Chandra, PROINSO’s Managing Director.

Product benefits:

  • ROBUST & RELIABLE: optimised performance with unrivalled longevity and reliability;
  • INCREASED YIELD: equipped with adaptive back-tracking and +-110 degrees of rotation, TURNSOLE increases project yield by up to 25% (compared to fixed-structures);
  • ONE-STOP-SHOP SOLUTION: fully-integrated using world-class solar PV components, including high-efficiency modules, best-performing string inverters and BOS;
  • REDUCED INSTALLATION COSTS: installation is simplified, while the product requires minimum maintenance, reducing your overall operating costs;
  • FIT FOR ALL TERRAINS: thanks to its optimised design featuring 40 panels in a single row, TURNSOLE is suitable even for the most complicated shaped terrains;
  • GLOBAL INSTALLATION & SERVICE: tap into our network of over 2,500 Qualified Installers to secure hassle-free commissioning of your tracking system.

For more information about TURNSOLE, please visit our webpage


PROINSO is a leading global distributor and integrator of PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, trackers and energy storage and management. The company offers supply and engineering services to installers, construction companies and clients for commercial, utility, residential and off-grid projects worldwide. PROINSO’s Qualified Installer Network is the company’s go-to workforce for installation and O&M services; counting over 2,500 certified solar installers. Since its establishment in 2006 PROINSO has supplied over 2.7 GW of projects and has operations in over 20 countries on 6 continents.


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