Pretoria Image: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Administration Building

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Union Buildings
Image by Teemu008
The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Administration Building in Evanston (1910). It was the publishing house and national headquarters of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), one of the main temperance movements in the early 20th century. The WCTU had been operating out of the former residence of Frances Willard after her passing, but quickly realized that they needed much more space for publishing. They built this building in 1910 to meet that demand. The WCTU’s national campaign for prohibition started only months later. The WCTU published two weekly newspapers here, The Union Signal and The Young Crusader. At its peak, the WCTU made over ,000 from its newspapers and a futher ,000 from other literature. The 18th Amendment was passed in 1919, taking effect a year later. The mass organization of women in groups such as the WCTU also lead to the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, allowing women to vote. In 1922, the WCTU added an administration building to the complex, and the building became the center of the WCTU movement. Unable to stop the effort in the early 1930s to repeal prohibition, the WCTU focused on alcohol educational efforts. The WCTU still operates out of this building and still published The Signal Press.

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