Pretoria Image: Scouting Bull Falls, Shenandoah River, near Harpers Ferry

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Blue Bulls
Image by pokerfloat
The scout for Bull Falls is an unpleasant one and we always do it and always complain about it. This time, we managed to get out a bit farther upstream and had an easier scamble without the poison ivy.

Yesterday the Shenandoah was about 2100 cfs while we were on it. Lots of
good play spots, but clear that more water would likely be even better.

In the past we really liked a level that was estimated after the fact at
3000 cfs but it might have been a bit lower. A trip at 3450 we found
noticably different and less fun than the 3000, suggesting the 3000 might
have been less since that would be a rather small difference between 3000
and 3450.

We saw a snake at the put in and a bigger one at the lunch spot that I
almost squished against a wall in a tiny eddy.

We saw two very large fish trying to beach themselves for our lunch. And a
school of such suicidal monsters, big as my lower leg.

We saw one young dear swim across the river, another stop short, apparently
chased by a dog.

Two turtles. Many great blue herons and hawks. Two enders, first of the

We met the likely heir to Dink’s throne, Mark. Who doesn’t like money.

We forgot to go to the flea market again. I probably forgot something.

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