Pretoria Image: Rhys Millen

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Blue Bulls
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Rhys Millen at the formula D finals on 10/13/07 at Irwindale Speedway in CA. I love tis wide angle shot. But the thing I worry about is others copying this angle and shot. I dont make money as a motorsports photographer. But I don’t like to see people making money off of copying my ideas while I get nothing.

At the Long Beach event I started shooting extremely wide angle pans from over my head, with REALLY slow shutter speeds, next thing I know, I come back after lunch and I cant even get back to the spot because everybody is doing my shot!!!
Oh well, thats how it goes.

As a whole I feel the "drift" photographers are a very uncreative lot. REALLY, look at thier portfolios. They are all identical. Thats why I try new stuff. There are so many options. Even with the few shooting holes they alow us to use. (which makes it really challenging not to look like everyone else.

But there are 2 areas I used that no one else shot from!!!! I saw about 25 photographers in one hole, and nobody even touched 2 of the spots I hit!! WTF??oh, well.

I have some other things up my sleeve still and photos I havent posted from some of my "spots". I might just sit on them till I shoot for something larger than DRIFT411.COM.

On the argument side of things,…
If I start getting paid, my creativity will be at risk. Gotta make sure to get what the boss wants right?? Guess that will put me back in with the rest of them, just playing safe.

Glad I have a somewhat steady job outside of photography.

My Rants over,

How I did it…..

ISO 400
F 3.5
And I panned with it. The trick is getting the car full frame without cutting some off. Or haveing it back 3 feet from you, cause it will be too small at this lens size.

Photoshop CS2…
Contrast up 15
brightness up 5
Saturation up 12
Curves down 15, then erased center to give a vinette
Curves down again over the whole photo, till it looked good.
Duplicate Layer, Gassien Blur 3.7, erased the blur from forground.
Canvas size, black, borders are 50 pixels bigger than picture
Water mark

Under 2 minutes. Its the same tweaks I do to my photos. I actually rarely cheat with the blur, but the shutter speeds just to high everyone was in focus. Every once in awhile I will play with the photofilters, but not this run.

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