Pretoria Image: Pan Cell C Building HDR, Midrand

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Image by Kartaba
Cell C is South Africa’s third cell network after Vodacom and MTN Group, and the first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz data network, with over 11.5 million subscribers according to recent reports in MoneyWeb and My Broadband. Founded in November 2001, Cell C is owned by 3C Telecommunications, which is 60% owned by Oger Telecom South Africa, a division of Saudi Oger; 25% owned in an unencumbered holding by CellSAf, (a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment entity representing over 30 black empowerment companies and trusts), and 15% by Lanun Securities SA (Lanun is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Oger Ltd).

In 2011, Cell C enlisted South African comedian, Trevor Noah, as their spokesperson, in a marketing campaign where he was given the title as their "CEO" (Chief Excellence Officer). The current Chief Executive Officer is Jose Dos Santos. Cell C has recently shaken up the South African market by introducing a flat call-rate of 99c / min, to any network, and the lowest data rate, as well: 0.15c/Mb. Their market strategy appears to be "more subscribers, paying less," which is a significant challenge to the high-margin stance of the other network operators.

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