Pretoria Image: Martineau Place

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Blue Bulls
Image by ell brown
This is the inside of Martineau Place. A shopping centre opened in 2001.

I keep looking up at these roof canopies, and think that they would make interesting shots, and they have.

This is what was Martineau Street, cut in 1887. It was replaced by the Commercial Union development of 1959 – 65 by J Seymour Harris & Partners.

It was replaced in 2000 – 01 by the first stage of the Martineau Galleries scheme. By Leslie Jones Architects.

Blue mullions topped with gold saucers, an entrance on Corporation Street with hugely inflated silver metal keystones, a pointed prow canopy in Union Street, and at the corner of Bull Street a miniture Odeon in blocky moderne. A gimicky mishmash.

From Pevsner Architectural Guides: Birmingham by Andy Foster.

More here

In here it seems to be mostly for getting food at lunchtime, and restaurants.

Places to eat out at this end.

Spud U Like on the left, Bruger King and Yum Yum on the right.

At the end, City Arcade in scaffolding.

The office tower is undeveloped is called One Martineau Place.

This area is called Martineau Square.

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