Pretoria Image: 105. Hazelton Avenue

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Union Buildings
Image by Billy Wilson Photography
© Billy Wilson 2011

This house is at 64 Hazelton Avenue in Yorkville, Toronto.

The Toronto Project:
Hi Flickr, I have been busy finishing my degree, and now I’m done!! I have finally completed my bachelor’s in biology and chemistry. I just returned from a trip to Toronto. I have taken a fascination with the city in many ways and I had a list of things to do and experience there. In my three full days of staying there and shooting I experienced a lot and took 4927 photos, I walked dozons of kilometers, and visited many interesting areas. Some of the highlights include; the PATH system, Hockey Hall of Fame, Union Station, all of the major financial building complexes, CN Tower, Old City Hall, Osgoode Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Sunnybrook Park, Cabbagetown, Necropolis, Euclid Hall, Gooderham Houses, Queen’s Park Legislative Buildings, All of the old colleges of the University of Toronto, Royal Conservatory of Music, Annex style houses, Yorkville Houses and firehall, Casa Loma, Spadina Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, Allen Gardens, Mackenzie House, St Michael’s Church, Metropolitan United Church, Flatiron Building, St Lawrence Market, Toronto’s first post office, St. Lawrence Hall, Sculpture Garden, St. James Church, Gooderham and Worts Distillary, Cherry Street Hotel, and Little Trinity Church and the surrounding neighborhood of Corktown.

This is just an image of a large series that I’m doing. The primary goal of this project is to document the diverse types of architecture that one can find in Toronto. Much of it has a British influence or American such as Richardsonian Romanesque when it comes to older buildings. But since Toronto is also a modern alpha global city and a global financial city it has a diverse and impressive amount of modern skyscrapers and post modern architecture. Its diversity is also shown in its people in that atleast 50% of the people living in Toronto weren’t even born in Canada, making Toronto the world’s most ethnically diverse city. It is extremely colourful and every corner has a new surprise. One can pass down the same street multiple times and stil find surprises like little shops you didn’t even notice. I can’t wait to return, but I need work in order to get down there again.

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