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Crystal Lagoons is the multinational that’s on everyone’s tongue at the moment, with a product that has become the world’s top amenity. It’s an innovation that’s taking the world by storm, making real-estate’s axiom of location, location, location obsolete. And it’s about to change the way you see the Pretoria lifestyle.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Crystal Lagoons’ involvement in the new Blyde Riverwalk development in Pretoria East, Balwin Properties announced an increase in profits for the year ended February 2017, citing differentiation as the key to gaining a competitive edge.

Crystal Lagoons’ patented technology allows for the construction of crystal-clear man-made lagoons of unlimited size at very low construction and maintenance costs. This particular development will feature a turquoise lagoon the size of just over two rugby fields, surrounded by a stretch of beachfront.

Crystal Lagoons represents an innovative initiative that has the potential to offer a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for users, regardless of where they live. The crystal-clear lagoon can be filled with fresh, brackish, or even salt water and uses 2% of the energy of standard swimming pool filtration technologies, and 100 times less additives. A typical lagoon uses 30 times less water than a standard golf course of the same size. Crystal Lagoons has developed a new film-based technology that further reduces the already very low water consumption of crystal-clear lagoons. When applied, this technology can reduce water consumption by 75%, in comparison to a park or farmland.

Alastair Sinclair, Crystal Lagoons’ Regional Director for Africa, says the partnership represents exciting opportunities for areas such as Pretoria. “This project serves to further extend our footprint on the African continent. From 2015 to 2016, average rental prices for a 1-bedroom flat in the Western Cape have jumped by 23% compared to Gauteng’s modest increase of 10%. This is driving more people to inland areas. By bringing the beach to areas like Gauteng, we are taking apartment living to a whole new level by making resort living a reality for more South Africans. In the case of Blyde Riverwalk we are essentially creating a live-in beach resort 500km from the nearest coast,” he said.

Sinclair went on to say that Crystal Lagoons’ technology creates opportunities for the utilization of large tracts of undeveloped inland areas, as well as the possibility of bringing a sustainable recreational amenity to the centre of major cities. “The development of a crystal-clear lagoon allows for a lifestyle mostly associated with Cape Town and other coastal areas, to be brought right into the heart of major urban areas like Pretoria and Johannesburg, while positively impacting the quality of life of users. The potential impact is the levelling of the geographical playing-field. What if, instead of having to semigrate to Cape Town, the coastal lifestyle came to your doorstep?”

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