Patents pose threat to breast cancer patients

  • Patents pose threat to breast cancer patients: Pharmaceutical companies have a lock on essential drugs, forcing patients to forgo potentially life-saving treatment because they cannot afford it.. IOL section Feed for Gauteng
  • Testing the limit of going round in circles: Journalist Jesse Adams beat the Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle drift, but why would anyone want to go around in circles for six hours?. IOL section Feed for Gauteng
  • #PeopleOfJozi: I was the fastest man in SA: Simon Magakwe was the first South African to break the 10 second barrier for the 100m, but his Olympic dream fell apart when he missed a doping test.. IOL section Feed for Gauteng
  • Stolen cars recovered, suspect already in custody: Johannesburg police recovered two stolen cars in Freedom Park, only to discover the suspected thief is already in custody.. IOL section Feed for Gauteng
  • Couple try to board long distance bus with illegal gun: Johannesburg police have arrested a man and a woman for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition at the Railway Park Station.. IOL section Feed for Gauteng

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