Moloto Road claims one more

A man was killed and 42  people sustained various injuries in a bus accident on the infamous R573 Moloto Road this morning.

Tshwane Emergency Management Services (EMS) spokesperson Johan Pieterse said one bus had collided into the back of another which had broken down, according to eyewitnesses.

Pieterse confirmed that the driver of the bus that rear-ended the stationary vehicle had been killed in the crash.

“Eight people sustained serious injuries, while 33 were slightly injured,” he said.

Moloto Road, dubbed “the unholy road”, has a long history of fatal crashes.

The deadly crashes had persisted on the 130km-long road linking Pretoria and Mpumalanga despite several interventions by the Department of Transport.

Earlier this year, four people were killed and 12 others injured when a taxi overturned on the R573 Moloto Road near Mathyzenloop, Mpumalanga.

Three passengers and the driver died at the scene……

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