Medupi surpasses 4.5 million man hours without injury

Pretoria – Eskom’s Medupi power plant in October surpassed 4.5 million man hours without injury, said the parastatal.

“The Medupi power station construction site this month reached a significant milestone, achieving 4 636 440 man hours without lost time injury (LTI),” said Eskom of the construction site located in Limpopo.

“In this time, the site avoided any injuries resulting in productive time lost or restricted physical activity for employees. This accomplishment follows intensive efforts at the site to remedy the problem of frequent injuries impacting not only workers but also the progress of the project.”

Medupi is the largest construction site in the southern hemisphere, with the spread of the project requiring many employees to commute and deliver materials by road with the scale of the site placing workers at great heights and depths.

At its peak, the project employed about 18 000 employees from 28 different principal contractors and more than 250 sub-contractors.

The achievement of over 4.5-million LTI-free man hours at the site speaks to the success of intensive efforts to mitigate injury at the coal fired power plant. –

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