Hitting the Tracks in Style: Travel's Most Luxurious Train Rides

  • Hitting the Tracks in Style: Travel's Most Luxurious Train Rides: “A window to the soul of Africa” is how this 31-hour journey between Pretoria and Cape Town is described. At the departure station, an entourage …. Google Alert – Pretoria
  • Violent Protests Rock South African Cities as Elections Approach: The protests in parts of Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg come ahead of May 8 elections, and have sparked several clashes with police.. Google Alert – Pretoria
  • WATCH: Service delivery protests spread from Alexandra to the rest of SA: … and in Rus-ter-vaal outside Vereeniging and Gomorrah informal settlement in Pretoria West, police fired rubber bullets and teargas at protesters.. Google Alert – Pretoria
  • AZ: All you need to know about SA politics: Pretoria – Guests enjoyed a pleasant view of Pretoria east as they mingled with the authors of an impressive new handbook, The A-Z of South African …. Google Alert – Pretoria
  • Church petrol bombed, rubber bullets fired amid Tshwane protests: HAMAANSKRAL – Police fired rubber bullets and used teargas at protesters in Gomorrah, west of Pretoria while a church in the area was petrol …. Google Alert – Pretoria

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