Get your PubStuff from Pretoria

Three South African entrepreneurs (hailing from Centurion in Pretoria and Fourways in Johannesburg) have launched what is the country’s first online pub accessories and novelties buying experience.
Based in Pretoria, and delivering nationally, Pubstuff boasts a range of over 642 bar products for both home and business pubs or bars.

While many would find the launch of a company in challenging economic times daunting, the founders are excited about delivering a first in South Africa, and have already found an enthusiastic customer base.

“In addition to being a locally based start-up, we are supporting ‘local is lekker’, by supplying majority SA manufactured goods.” says James Stephens (co-owner).

“We saw a gap in the market. South Africans love their at home entertainment, their beer, their sports and have pride in their homes, hence the introduction of Pubstuff. In addition research* has shown that 84% of online purchases in South Africa take place on South African based websites – so we believe there is a good market out there.” says Neal Stephens (Co-Owner).

As with every company a young connected input is required, “I’m passionate about the digital space and doing commerce online is a superb challenge and the way I believe business in South Africa and Africa is going. Being online also enables us to offer competitive prices – a key factor in encouraging consumers to purchase online.” says Jason Stephens (Co-Owner).

With Christmas around the corner this is a great solution for gifts for the man or woman who likes to entertain at home. And for pubs, taverns and restaurants the timing is good for preparations for the holidays and into the New Year.

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