EFF students and Afriforum Youth spark violence at TUKS

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EFF student command and the Afriforum Youth were at war as the EFF demanded that Afrikaans be removed as a medium of instruction at the University of Pretoria. VIDEO BY – Afriforum

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  • Heinrich Dreyer

    pls pls come and save us from this land our?

  • umfums

    Well done to the White students…..standing your ground and keeping calm ……you showed your superiority….the eff looked like the inferior uneducated mob……?

  • Henry Alp

    The white students only stood there the EFF were the only ones being aggressive. Unbelievable….?

  • Didintle Tselapedi

    For it to get to this, an Afriforum memeber slapped an eff and SASCO member (both of which were females).The Afriforum member was male. So basically this video is misleading…?

  • JulesRouleau

    I only see the EFF provoking.

    So much for "diversity promotion": basically only English and total prohibition of Afrikkans will satisfy these vioelnt and intolerant people.?

  • Jesse B

    What are civilized people still doing in this country? why not accept that it belongs to Africa. Give these people what they want. Allow this shit hole to burn people, because that is all it is, another barbaric African country :D.?

  • Willem Nel

    This is not about Afrikaans this was an attack on white people, 3 of my english friends tried to walk past the library where the eff attacked the guards and the Afrikaans group and then my friends were attacked by eff members and thrown down the stairs next the student service centre and the eff shouted fuck whites? Stop lying this is not about Afrikaans or Afrikaans culture. This is about whites and you the eff an racist black people are using it as an excuse to fight and speak youre minds?

  • malose brenden

    Anita Schreuder is busy with Afrikaans knowing that we can't hear that shit….. You wasting your time Johan. we can't hear you so you must fall. Afrikaans must fall. period. No more nice time for afrikaners?

  • Anita Schreuder

    Die meisies daar is baie braaf. Hoop regtig hulle bly in die toekoms ver weg van sulke dramas af.?

  • Renuel Booyens

    barbarians !!!!!! FOKKEN BARBARE?

  • Johan Welman

    Hierdie is 'n rasse aanval op wit Afrikaners en ons gaan nie daarvoor staan nie!?

  • Joshua Wyngaardt

    Viva Le Revolution ! No more language privilages for monirities?